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spidey_animated's Journal

The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series (2008)
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A community for news & appreciation for the new 'Spectacular Spider-Man' cartoon.

Summer is over for Peter Parker and school's ready to start -- both literally, and in the real world of crime-fighting. These are the adventures of The Spectacular Spider-Man!

This is the first fan community for The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series- the newest Spidey cartoon by Sony Pictures Animation, airing Saturday mornings on the Kid’s WB.

If you’re a fan of this new series, or Spider-Man in general, we hope you’ll have fun discussing this new cartoon with us! This community will be a source of information, discussions and artwork related to the series and it’s creators.

1. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY! This community will not be heavily moderated. As such, members are expected to follow a few rules and above all RESPECT their fellow members. If there is an issue, the mods will be happy to mediate; but I trust that issues can be handled maturely without mod help. Worse case scenario, battle it out with cheeky remarks as Spidey would- everyone’s happy. Bashing of the creators of the show, bashing of fellow members (and their work) and bashing of this cartoon and/or its characters in any way will not be tolerated.

2. ALL POSTS SHOULD RELATE TO THE NEW SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ANIMATED SERIES! As our title so boldy exclaims, this community is for and based upon the new Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) cartoon; all subject matter posted should be related. If something is inappropriately posted, the post will be deleted FIRST and the poster warned LATER. If it becomes a problem, multiple-offenders will be removed from the community, but I doubt this will be an issue. Just make sure your posts are relevant! (ie. No adverts for other comms, no “OMG I JUST GOT THE NEW ULTIMATE COMIC!” and nothing strictly comic/ movieverse related, etc.)

3. PLEASE DO NOT DIRECTLY POST FAN-ART OR FAN-FICTION TO THIS COMMUNITY! Please refer to all fan-artwork and fan-fiction through a LINK! Cuts are wonderful but I want all artwork under cuts to be official/ production/ promotion artwork. ANYTHING ‘UNOFFICIAL’ SHOULD BE POSTED VIA LINK!

4. PLEASE MAKE USE OF THE LJ-CUT & TAGGING SYSTEMS! All SPOILERS, images, videos and large texts need to be posted under a CUT*! All posts must be TAGGED*!
*An LJ-CUT is made by typing: < lj-cut text="TITLE/ TEXT HERE" > without the spaces. To end a cut, type: < /lj-cut > (again w/o spaces).
*Tags help us keep track of posts. Ex. If someone wants to look at only fan-art posts, they can click on the ‘fan-art’ tag, and all posts ‘tagged’ as fan-art will be visible. To tag a post, submit your entry, then select ‘edit tags’ and select all PRE-MADE tags that apply to your post, then ENTER. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN TAGS!

5. THIS COMMUNITY IS ‘E’ RATED! No explicit content is allowed in this community, not even via link! Sorry guys, but THE CHILLUNS BE WATCHIN’! We don’t want any five-year-old Spidey fans scarred for life. ):

That said, welcome to the collective! If you’re new to the series, we recommend you check out a few websites:
The Spectacular Spider-Man Sony Pictures website
The Spectacular Spider-Man Marvel website
The Spectacular Spider-Man on Wikipedia